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Charlie Guzman, also known as (DashieXP) is a American comedian and internet personality best known for his comedy sketches and gaming videos on YouTube videos. He's got 3 channels. DashieXP, DashieXP2 and the one everyone loves, DashieGames :) His nationality is Dominican and Spanish
we expect that in a couple of years dashie will become number one on youtube.

Dashie is one of the funniest people on youtube. His personality is so dope, makes me wanna be friends with him in real life. He can freestyle Gooderrrrr dan a b**ch. One of the games he is boss at is Happy wheels, which is one of the funnniest gameplay series he does. One of the games is sucks so hard at (PAUSE) are first person shooter games!

We don't really know about his personal life story since he has not done a draw my life video properly *Hint hint*

And This Guy Is Funny As F*CK

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