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Charlie Guzman aka Dashie is the main character and YouTube comedian of the YouTube channel, DashieXP. He does commentary on his gaming channel, DashieGames. Dashie lives in Coral Springs, Florida.

Hes Hilarious . Big Fan . GO SUBSRIBE


Dashie joined YouTube in March 2010 after starting his NAHSON videos and began making videos. He is best known for voicing the characters, Baraka and Raiden in his Mortal Kombat videos and his cartoon series. Dashie also does commentary on his gaming channel for games such as Happy Wheels and Grand Theft Auto. Dashie voices the ghetto version of Barney the Dinosaur as well as Slender Man in his cartoon series. Dashie also collaborates with fellow YouTube stars, Tpindell, Jesse Welles, Peter Chao, and more. He is from The Dominican Republic. Dashie phone number is 505-XXXX

Trivia Edit

Dashie is a non-smoker and a non-drinker.

Dashie was born on 11th June, 1978 and is 36 currently.

Dashie does not celebrate Christmas.

Dashie failed most of his exams and really enjoyed his senior years of school.

Dashie was raised to be grateful of what he receives.

Dashie was a manager of a Subway restaurant before he resigned.

Dashie has a pet Chihuahua nicknamed B.B.

His vlog channel only has 200K subscribers while his main channel is nearing 700K.

Dashie pronounces chips and 'chilps' and hundred as 'hundit'.

Dashie also says " my boyy" reffering to guys in his gaming channel for many reasons

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